Best Energy Pills for Women in 21st Century

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Too pooped to get out on weekends? Feeling exhausted lately? Women today seem to be suffering from a lack of energy. It isn’t uncommon for a typical mother to carry loads of responsibilities and demands – work, children’s needs, keeping the household, sustaining relationships, money pressures and even health concerns. With all these things, it is surprising that you can still get eight hours of sleep every night. Or maybe, you are still able to get good amount of sleep but still feel drained and tired.

Fatigue is becoming a norm for a lot of otherwise healthy women. They have just accepted the tired feeling for months, even years. Chronic stress is a common factor that is often overlooked. Many do not realize how stress can affect our energy levels.

But of course, stress isn’t the only one to blame. There may be medical reasons for chronic exhaustion such as thyroid disorder or chronic fatigue syndrome, so it is very important to see your healthcare provider regarding any severe fatigue.

The Best Energy Pills for Women

Energy supplements can be a good thing to fill in the nutritional gap that is lacking from our daily diets. It may even protect us against disease. But with the number of potions and pills on the market, what are the best energy pills for women?

We need a sufficient balance of all essential nutrients for good health, energy and well-being. But there are particular nutrient deficiencies that are associated with chronic tiredness and fatigue. Both iron and B-vitamins are the best nutrients for flagging energy.


B-vitamins don’t cause heightened energy or alertness like what caffeine does. But B-vitamins, particularly B12, play an important role in boosting energy, supporting brain function and strengthening the nervous and immune systems. These are the reasons why B-vitamins are commonly incorporated in most hangover remedies and energy drinks.

Our B levels drop as we age and certain factors can also affect your B reserves. Excessive alcohol drinking, some autoimmune disorders and ulcer medications may lower your B-vitamin reserves. For this reason, it is best to take B-vitamin supplements or take foods enriched with B12 for adults.


Constant fatigue may be a sign that you are low in iron. In fact, more 10% of women in the US are iron deficient ( Iron is an important mineral that helps transport oxygen all over the body. Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin, which is the substance found in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. Without the healthy red blood cells, your body is unable to deliver enough oxygen. And without enough oxygen, you become easily fatigued or exhausted.

So how much iron do women need? A woman’s daily iron requirement increases starting at adolescence. They even need more iron especially during menstruation period. As such, women from ages 19 to 50 should receive 18 mg of iron every day.

Below are some top-rated B-complex and iron supplements that you can take to help boost your energy.

Puritan’s Pride Easy Iron Glycinate Energy Pills for women

Puritan’s Pride Easy Iron Glycinate Energy Pills for women

Product Description:

As an important dietary source of iron, EASY IRON contains Iron Bisglycinate, a well-tolerated form of iron that is gentle to your system. Every living cell contains iron. Iron is a necessary component of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrier in the blood. Iron is also important for energy utilization. However, the amount of iron in the body is affected by many factors including physical attributes, food restriction, even exercise. EASY IRON contains 28 mg of the Iron your body needs each day for optimal functioning.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports energy utilization
  • Contains 90 capsules

User Reviews:

This product received 5 out of 5 stars. Users reported that this iron supplement works really well and is quickly absorbed. One users reported feeling more energetic again and considers giving up her morning coffee. Users don’t need to take Vitamin C or stool softener/laxative since this product is easily absorbed unlike Ferrous sulfate. It does not caused constipation. No side effects were reported.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin B12 Energy Pills

Puritan’s Pride Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin B12 Energy Pills

Product Description:

The B-Vitamin Complex is made up of several B vitamins that work well together to support nervous system health. This product combines Vitamins B-1 (Thiamin), B-2 (Riboflavin), B-3 (Niacin), and B-12, from natural sources. B-Complex vitamins are involved in energy metabolism and help maintain the health of nerves and heart health. The Vitamin B-12 helps in the normal formation of red blood cells.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports energy metabolism
  • Helps maintain healthy nerves and heart
  • Complete B-complex vitamin

User Reviews:

This product got 5 out of 5 stars. User reported having better health and energy after taking this product. High quality product and no problems or discomforts were reported after taking it. The pill size is just the right size so it’s easy to swallow.

A well-balanced healthy diet is very important to meet your daily nutritional needs. Also, exercising and getting active lifestyle rev up your blood flow and release of endorphins. While these are considered the best energy pills for women, it is important to consult your doctor first before you try these or any energy supplements, especially if you are taking prescription medication.

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