How I Found the Best Green Juice Power?

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I just found out recently that I am over weight. According to BMI that is.

Apparently my BMI is at 26 and ideal BMI should be around 22. There are studies that show higher BMI is associated with increased risks to die from heart diseases, stroke, or cancer. The BMI range that is considered “Normal Weight” is from 18.5 – 24.9, so mine is not too bad. However, considering I just said goodbye to my 30s and have been exercising less ever since I started working from home couple of years ago, I am pretty concerned that if I don’t watch out, it will get out of control.

How is all this got to do with green juice you might wonder. Based on what I know, sleep deprivation could cause overweight and green leafy vegetables could improve sleep. Of Course, other than improve sleeping, there are many other good reasons to take more green leafy vegetables.

So in order to lose some weight, taking more green vegetable could be one of the steps.

I have made green juice once in awhile before but as you can imagine it takes a lot of efforts. So, I decided to look for a green juice power that I can use whenever needed.

I jumped on and strated searching. Oh, man. So many choices. Not only that, many of them have good reviews. After reading some reviews and using Google search to find out more about each product, I came across to


By copy and pasting the product URL on Amazon, it will spit out a result telling you if the company and the reviews associated with the product are legitimate.



organifi review

Which one is the best green juice power?

What I normally do when it comes to screening products is to read the worst reviews (one or two star reviews) and get a sense of why they did not like the product.

A lot of time, what I found is the service that they are complaining rather than the product itself. In the case of green juice power, the most common complaint I saw was the taste. It is true some of these powers could have pretty strong taste and I must admit my wife is not a big fun of the green juice powder I ended up buying, but there isn’t much we can do about it. At the end of the day, it is packed with condensed green plants and if you are not used to it, it could make you feeling sick.

To mask the taste, some products do offer added taste to make it more palatable. On the other side of the coin, some people do find the altered taste to be unnatural and prefer the “original” taste.

In any case, after using and reading all the bad reviews, I decided to give “Garden of Life”‘s Green Super Food power a try.

The product got an “A” grade review from and most of the negative reviews talk about the taste or the plastic scoop that came with the product.

Garden of life - green superfood

So far, I am happy with the taste. I normally add a scoop of honey and sometimes a bit of apple juice to make it little sweeter.

“Garden of life” does make sweetened version but I personally like to be able to control the degree of sweetness.

Garden of life - raw organic green superfood


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