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Gluten-free Crab Cakes by Handy

Crab Cakes
Do you enjoy seafood? Do you wish it to also be gluten-free? This is exactly what Handy is offering with their gluten-free crab cakes! What is even better, these frozen crabs are handmade! With a unique mixture of their spices, these cakes will surprise you with an amazing taste!

The Original Coney Island Beef Frankfurters by Nathan’s

Beef Frankfurters
These gluten-free Contey Island Beef Frankfurters by Nathan’s are intended for all those who want to have a bite of an amazing hot dog. If you want a high-quality cheat meal, this is a great option. Remember that even though gluten-free, this product is high in calories primarily coming from fat.

Bumble Bee Chopped Ocean Clams by Snow’s

Bumble Bee Chopped Ocean Clams
Are you looking for a snack that is both gluten-free and high in protein? These chopped ocean clams are the perfect match! Use them for you protein-rich soup, pasta or any other recipe! Besides being rich with protein, these chopped ocean clams are also high in Iron! The perfect protein source!