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Gluten-Free, Soy-Free Indonesian Tempeh Starter Culture

Indonesian Tempeh
Gluten-Free, Soy-Free Indonesian Tempeh Starter Culture is the combination of the modern and the traditional. It is a Probiotics infused Starter culture made as the Traditional Indonesian food – Tempeh. It is potent and reusable offering you four packets for four batches.

Fakin’ Bacon Organic Smokey Tempeh Strips by Lightlife

Smokey Tempeh Strips
Lightlife is offering organic “bacon” that is completely vegan-friendly. It is a non-GMO product that is also gluten-free, making it the perfect choice for you. You can enjoy this snack on the go, but you can also use it as an addition to your favorite salad! The choice is all yours!

Gluten-Free Vegan Beef Jerky – Non-GMO by May Wah

Vegan Beef
This Vegan Beef Jerky is the perfect snack for both Vegans and Vegetarians. It is a non-GMO and gluten-free product! Even though it is high in protein, it is also high in carbs and fat! Consume it in moderation. A good example is using it as an addition to your favorite salad, or use it as a snack.

Minced Soyabeef Natural by Betta Foods

Minced Soyabeef Natural
Are you looking for a gluten-free addition to your nutrition that is based on soy flour? Minced Soyabeef is the answer to your search! It is a completely meatless product that is Vegan-friendly. The best part is that Minced Soyabeef is very high in protein and fiber. It is also not high in calories.

Beyond Beef Beefy Crumbles by Beyond Meat

Beefy Crumbles
Are you looking to make Vegan bolognese? Beyond Beef Crumbles are the perfect choice for achieving that goal! This is a 100% gluten-free and soy-free product that is also vegan. What is even better, it is an amazing source of plant-based protein! 13 grams of protein per serving!