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Black Truffle Shake by D’allesandro

Truffle Shake
Add D’allesandro’s Black Truffle Shake to your favourite rice meals! This gluten-free spice is a great addition to your risotto recipe. Use the black truffle shake to add flavor to your sauce as well! It is important to note that this product is non-GMO and Kosher Parve certified!

Wild Mix Dried Mushrooms by Pistol River Mushroom Farm

Dried Mushrooms
Experience this wild mix of dried mushrooms! If you are someone who actively uses mushrooms in their diet, this gluten-free package might be just what you are looking for. Mix them with water for 15 minutes and pat them with a paper towel. That’s it, they will become fresh and ready to be used!

Blazei Brazilian Caps by D’allesandro

Do you like experimenting with different tastes from around the world? Blazei (Brazilian Cap) is the perfect chance to experience a new flavor! It is a gluten-free product that is also non-GMO. Use the mushroom with pasta or rice to add a neutral flavor. Explore recipes with this unique mushroom.