MANINI’s Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour.

MANINI’s Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour is a gluten free, vegan, multi-purpose flour that has the fine, delicate texture and taste of traditional flour, but with improved health benefits. Made from natural Ancient Grains, it possesses that top gourmet quality you’ve been craving for.

Sandwich Paleo Bread by Base Culture

paleo bread
Sandwich paleo bread is the perfect addition to a balanced healthy diet. It is completely paleo-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and soy-free. You also get 5g of protein per slice, gym visitors love to hear this! As it is made with almond flour, prepare for a truly unique taste!

Gluten-Free Everything Bread by Katz

Everything Bread by Katz
If you want to make a tasty gluten-free sandwich, this bread might be a perfect choice. Some of the main bread ingredients are brown rice and sorghum. These two make it a healthier choice. Majority of calories come from carbs, so do eat the bread in moderation. Try it with tuna or chicken salad!