Natural Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks from Kay’s Natural

Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks
Kay’s Natural pretzel sticks are special because of their high amount of protein! A perfect post-workout snack! This gluten-free snack is also rich with fiber! It still packs a lot of calories! Eat them moderately as these pretzels are high in carbs! They are still a healthier pretzel replacement!

Gluten-Free Pretzels Sea Salt Sticks from Gratify

Gluten Free Pretzels Sea Salt Sticks
These gluten-free pretzels covered in sea salt are the perfect on-the-go snack. The perfect packaging makes it easy for you to keep them on your side at all times. You will love the sea salt flavor. Stick to a single package per day, these pretzels are extremely high in fat and carbs!

Gluten-Free Yogurt-Covered Pretzel Twists by StarSun Depot

Gluten Free Pretzels
That’s right, these pretzel twists are covered in yogurt! They are also gluten-free! If you want to experience a new pretzel taste, this is the definitely something you should try. Just don’t get carried away, these pretzels are high in fat! Eat them in moderation because of their caloric value.

Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks by Barkat

Pretzel Sticks
These gluten-free pretzels sticks from Barkat are energy bombs that you can enjoy on the go. On top of all, it is a gluten-free product that is also suitable for Vegetarians. It is also wheat-free, milk-free and egg-free! Snack with care, these pretzel sticks are extremely high in carbs and fat!

Gluten-Free Pretzels from Dietary Specials

Are you someone who can’t lay their hands off any snacks? Pick these up are they are a bit healthier alternative. They both wheat and gluten-free pretzels! You can finally satisfy your crunchy needs! This product is extremely high in carbs, eat it moderately because of high caloric value.

Gluten free Gratify Pretzel

Start with a delicious, certified gluten free crunchy pretzel twist, dip it in a luxurious layer of rich tasting milk chocolate and get total gratification! Contains 21g of carbohydrate in one serving.

Pop Daddy Pretzel Sticks

Pop Daddy Pretzel Sticks are the perfect snack you can enjoy on-the-go. The company prides itself in their dedication towards making these amazing pretzels. They are both non-GMO and gluten-free. Remeber though, they come with high carb value. They are very high in sodium, so eat them moderately.

Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels Twist

The pretzel twist is a certified gluten free snack, which is also dairy free. It contains 24g of carbohydrate and is a healthy snack that is lactose free, wheat free, and also yeast free. Perfect for you!