How to Increase Energy without Caffeine?

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When your energy levels begins to topple, you probably reach for a quick pick-me-up: caffeine. Later on, it becomes your little quick fix that you rely on to help you stay awake – a cup of Joe in the morning and your mid-day latte. Although there’s nothing wrong with drinking coffee, over-reliance may lead to jitters, palpitations, headaches and a lot more without the extra energy boost that you’re searching for.

Having said that, avoiding your daily cup of Starbucks isn’t necessary because after all, the antioxidants in the coffee are good for you, but relying on caffeine to carry you throughout the day should be avoided.

So the biggest question is:

How to increase energy without caffeine?

Is there a way to break the habit and be able to achieve peak performance through the day?

Well of course, there is!

With some habit, food and lifestyle changes, you can definitely increase your energy level throughout the day without taking caffeine. Below are some caffeine-free ways to boost your energy, stay up, and be productive all day.

  • Try eating whole grains for breakfast

It’s very tempting to skip proper breakfast. In fact, many people think a cup of coffee plus a slice of bread is good enough. However, a healthy, balanced diet in the morning sends a signal to your body to ‘wake up and prepare for all the tasks you’ll go through’. This will make sure that you have the necessary nutrients to stay up all morning long

To prevent the mid-morning crash, choose whole grains for breakfast as it gives you real energy. Skip the white flour because this type of carb easily breaks down, leaving you feeling sluggish after few hours. Also, taking simple carbs such as pasta, rice and bread stimulates the release of serotonin, which makes you feel sleepy.

  • Sleep adequately and properly.

Studies show that people who have less than 8 hours of sleep are at risk of depressionSleep deprivation can cause fatigue and low energy. And sleeping isn’t only about the number of hours, but the quality matters as well.

Every person collects ‘sleep debt. This means that if you only have seven hours of sleep from Monday to Friday, you are going to make up for the lost ‘five hours’ of sleep over the weekend. You are going to feel terrible as your sleep debt starts to accumulate.

Napping is actually a great tool to be productive. In fact, more and more companies institute nap policies for their employees to be more responsive, energetic and productive.

  • Try some caffeine-alternative supplements.

If you still feel sleepy after lunch, what you really need is a stimulant. Among all the herbs that are sold as energy boosters, one of the most common is caffeine but there are also a number of natural alternatives to caffeine.

Green tea is actually one of them. Though it contains some amount of caffeine, the compounds epigallocatechin gallate and theophylline make green tea, not only unique for physical and mental energy, but also beneficial to health.

Ginseng is a popular herb believed to enhance stamina and reduce stress and fatigue. It’s a very well known adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress by boosting energy without causing crash.

Looking for caffeine-free energy-boosting supplements? Below are some highly-rated energy boosters in the market today.

Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea

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100% USDA organic. Green Tea has been known for thousands of years to offer a large number of health benefits. Our young tender 100% organic green tea is freshly harvested; the leaves are then gently washed, steamed, rolled and dried to retain their delicate flavour and aroma. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties which can aid in combating free radicals that can cause cell damage. Recent scientific research has investigated green tea’s benefits toward maintaining cardiovascular health, strong immunity and proper cellular tissue growth.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Organic green tea
  • Green Tea has been known for thousands of years to offer a large number of health benefits
  • Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties which can aid in combating free radicals that can cause cell damage
  • Green tea is known to boost energy

User Reviews:

This product got 4.4 out of 5 stars. Users reported that it improved their energy level and overall health. The tea has a good taste, not too bitter and has a great aroma. The flavor is mild, without the lingering after taste. Users claim it’s the perfect replacement for coffee.

Puritan’s Pride Ginseng Complex

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If you’re looking for the perfect complement to your busy day, you’ve found it! This Ginseng Complex provides not one, not two, but three different strains of Ginseng — American Ginseng Extract, Red Chinese Extract and Panax Ginseng Extract — so you’ll get plenty of important, naturally occurring compounds like ginsenosides, panaxans and polysaccharides. These bioactive factors play a vital role in the well-being of your body. Ginseng Complex is enhanced by Eleuthero (a.k.a. Siberian Root) and Royal Jelly Concentrate for nutritional wellness.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains three different strains of Ginseng
  • With added Royal Jelly and Siberian Root

User Reviews:

This product got perfect 5 stars. Users reported that it helped them endure with their hectic life. High quality product and truly effective in boosting energy. One user added that it gives him mental clarity, alertness and sharper memory.

If you want to feel energetic without relying on caffeine, taking supplements shouldn’t be the first step. It is still most important to rev up your body with the right nutrients and practice a healthy sleeping habits. However, if you have changed unhealthy habits and still struggling with fatigue, supplements may be an effective tool to help pick you up.

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