Boost Your Energy Tips: Where to Buy FRS Energy Drink?

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Where to Buy FRS Energy Drink and What’s so special about it?

FRS is an energy supplement drink that uses a patented recipe which is scientifically advanced and has been developed by health scientists. It features the all-natural antioxidants Quercetin and Green Tea Extracts along with seven other essential vitamins.

So what does this potent formula do for your body?

  • It gives you long lasting, all natural energy
  • It has been linked to improved athletic performance
  • It increases your mental focus
  • It boosts your immune system giving you better support for fighting off germs

Originally tested by health scientists, FRS energy blend was first tested and produced to up the ante of energy levels to chemotherapy patients. It’s a no brainer that people under chemotherapy treatment aren’t allowed to get all sorts of nasty artificial flavors and supplements so you can rest assured that FRS’s blend is all natural and only brings home the goodness of nature.

What originally started out as a boost for sick people soon became the preferred energy drink of athletes, fitness experts and nutritionists across the globe who wants to add the power of nature to their healthy lifestyles.

The scientific studies done by the nutritional health scientists show that the use of FRS energy drinks brought about the following results:

  • 30% Reduction if fatigue
  • 17.7% Improvement in concentration
  • 12.3% Increase in endurance
  • 2.9% Increase in physical performance
  • 3.9 % increase in VO2max3

So now that you know what great effects the special blend of FRS energy drinks can have on your body, let’s take a look at what exactly goes into the drink and what makes it so special:

  1. Quercetin

Pronounce “kwur-si-tin”, this revolutionary natural antioxidant can be found in foods like blueberries and apples; they really weren’t joking when they told you to eat your berries and apples every single day! It works at a cellular level to produce and sustain your own energy.

Essentially, it mimics the effects of exercise by enhancing mitochondria production which is the energy producing units in your cells. Quercetin just might be the best darn discovery they ever made!

Obviously the purity of the Quercetin is quite important and FRS uses QU995® which is 99.5% pure Quercetin. Around 500-1000 MCG of Quercetin is the recommended daily intake for adults and 1 serving of FRS has around 325MCG of Quercetin, so you can have up to 3 drinks a day if you want!

  1. Green Tea Extract

Another natural wonder, this tea isn’t fermented and is produced by steaming the fresh leaves at low temperatures. It’s due to the preparation process that the antioxidant properties stay so high and why green tea delivers such a potent kick! FRS has around 85mg of green tea extract in each serving.

  1. Vitamins

The FRS energy drinks has seven of the most crucial vitamins blended into one potent drink namely: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E and they come in 100% of the recommended daily intakes in each serving. Because our bodies can’t naturally produce its own vitamins, we have to ensure that we eat the right foods to feed it well, and with luck, get our hands on a special energy drink like FRS, which brings you the goodness of nature all wrapped up in one drink!

FRS is definitely nothing like the traditional energy drinks you get in the shelves that are loaded with unhealthy sugars and caffeine. Not to mention the nasty chemicals the general public actually has no clue about. FRS drinks helps to create an energy boost in a natural way.

It does have traces of caffeine, but these come from the green tea extracts, which are all natural and only comes in at around 20mg to 48mg per serving. What you definitely won’t find inside FRS (unlike certain very popular chemically enhanced energy drinks) are artificial flavors, preservatives and synthetic colors.

If you’re still not sold on why you should turn to FRS’s natural energy drinks, here are some side effects that chemically enhanced energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster with its abnormally high caffeine content can do to your body when consumed on a regular basis:

  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Heart Palpitations
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Vomiting
  • Allergic Reactions

Maybe you should try healthier and natural ways to boost your symptoms of fatigue such as:

  • Getting adequate amounts of sleep
  • Exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of the additives and chemicals found in popular energy drinks are just plain dodgy. Not to mention the fact that they get added in seriously large quantities. Did you know that the following are normally found in energy drinks such as Red Bull?

  1. Ephedrine – this has a negative side effect on the heart.
  2. Taurine – Essentially, your body already produces this amino acid and it helps regulate heart beat and muscle contractions, do you really think you need more?
  3. Ginseng
  4. Guarana Seed
  5. Carnitine
  6. Creatine
  7. Inositol

Although many energy drink producers claim that their product is the best and delivers energy and improved concentration, the sad reality is that the “boost” you might experience from drinking it is mainly thanks to the high amounts of sugar and caffeine, which really doesn’t have any health benefits for your body.

It’s plain to see why going the all-natural route, a.k.a FRS is the best option if you really need an energy boost. Here are some of the best FRS energy drinks available:

1. FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate, Low Cal Orange

FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate


Coming in at only 15 calories per serving you can enjoy this drink up to 3 times a day to give you a maximum boost without worrying about drinking your calories. The drink is mixed with water to produce a refreshing energy boosting drink made from all natural ingredients. The 32 ounce bottle will keep your energy levels up for far longer than expected and the orange flavor tastes great!

2. FRS Healthy Energy Powdered Drink Mix, Low Cal Orange

FRS Healthy Energy Powdered Drink Mix


This version of the low calorie Orange flavor energy drink comes in a powdered variation but is still mixed with water to produce a refreshing drink that keeps you going. You get 14 2.2 ounce packets in the box so if you’re drinking roughly 3 servings a day it will last you just under a week if you really feel the need to have the drink every day. The sachets boast only 10 calories per serving, meaning more pleasure and less guilt.

3. FRS Energy Low Cal Nutritional Beverage, Citrus-Pomegranate

FRS Energy Low Cal Nutrition Beverage


It’s a great idea to stock up in bulk on these all natural energy drinks as you can consume up to 3 servings per day to get the maximum kick from the Quercetin inside the mix.  This can has the original FRS formula but has a delicious Pomegranate and Citrus flavor that refreshes and restores a fatigued body and mind!

4. FRS Energy Low Calorie Nutrition Beverage, Peach and Mango

FRS Energy Low Calorie Nutrition Beverage


This delicious Peach and Mango flavored FRS energy drink works great at curbing your appetite and increasing energy levels. Use it as a “smart snack” between meals to keep you going.

5. FRS Energy RTD Nutrition Beverage, Stevia Orange

FRS Energy RTD Nutrition Beverage


With stevia instead of sugar you can rest assured that the calorie count of this drink won’t ruin you daily caloric intake. The refreshing Orange flavor tastes great and supports the immune system as well as enhancing your performance.

We hope that this article has shed some serious light on what “regular” energy drinks can (and also don’t) do for you and how taking a greener, more holistic and natural route when it comes to upping your energy levels is the right way to go.

We especially like the FRS Energy Low Calorie Nutrition Beverage in Peach & Mango. Having something to snack on without all the guilty calories in between meals is great, plus you get added reassurance that the all-natural products give you a great boost in energy.

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